Gnome summit asia 2015, 8-9 May 2015

GNOME.Asia summit 2015 attracted more than 322, users, developers, business professionals, media, students and government officials, including 48 speakers from all over the world.

Andika Triwidada, Akshai M, David King, Ekaterina Gerasimova and Alexandre Franke organized four workshop sessions before the summit with around 50 attendees successfully completing the session.

Dean Fasilkom UI, Mirna Adriani of University of Indonesia  held the official opening ceremony on
Friday May 8th . Keynotes was delivered by  Aidil Chendramata (Director of Information Security, Ministry of Communication and Information), Mohammad Anwari (The Architecture of BlankOn Linux), and Tobias Mueller (GNOME Board).  GNOME.Asia Summit  2015 attracted Participants from many countries including: Indonesia, United Kingdom, Germany, Czech Republic, Australia, Taiwan, France, China, Singapore, and Peru.

“With hosting GNOME.Asia Summit 2015 we have hopefully contributed to increase awareness about GNOME and Free Software in Indonesia and in the region in general. It was a fun, interesting experience organizing the event, we hope everyone who participated had a great time.” –  Estu Fardani local organizer

There was a booth area with 10 booths from sponsors and communities. The media team documented the summit with photos and video recordings including a summary of each day. GNOME Asia Summit 2015 was considered very successful by all parties The Summit was made by possible by the support of the sponsors and the community.

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